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maserati inspiration realized Maserati Dallas Dallas TX


Inspiration Realized is an idea that excites most of us. A lot has been made of the recent supply issues, but the truth is we continue to navigate to make vehicles available for you and the option for personalizing your vehicle makes pre-ordering more exciting and accessible than ever. So, whether you choose a vehicle that has been expertly configured by our team, put finishing touches on a vehicle that is soon to be available or design and preorder a vehicle inspired by your life and passions, Avondale is committed to elevating your automotive purchase journey. Your next vehicle is Inspiration Realized.

maserati dealer Maserati Dallas Dallas TX


Configuring your vehicle means you’ve decided to build your car, from the wheels up, with a team member in our showroom/configuration centers, or by using the online configuration tools.

maserati dealer Maserati Dallas Dallas TX


When “customizing” with us, you’ll be able to look at available incoming vehicles with our team, and make available changes to the specification to tailor to what you’re wanting in a vehicle.

maserati dealer Maserati Dallas Dallas TX


We still have new inventory arriving for buyers looking to come in, purchase, and leave in a new vehicle the same day. While our available inventory at our dealerships is smaller due to the industry-wide supply chain challenges, we have vehicles available for sale that are either in transport or on site for viewing, test drives and purchase.


It is becoming a very popular option as our clients learn how approachable and exhilarating it is to completely personalize their car. Based on dealership model allocations, our team will assist with final builds and submit once we are sure your inspiration has been captured. Once submitted, our team will keep you informed on when your vehicle is set to arrive and deliver based on manufacturing, shipping, and final preparations like inspection, tint, and detail.

Configuring your car more accessible than ever and available for any vehicle within different price points. If time is not a constraint this could prove to be a great option for you to explore regardless of the make and model you're ordering.



Our team uses their decades of expertise to order vehicles with the most popular features. However, there are often available vehicles built and incoming that can still have specific details updated or personalized to some degree.

When exploring this option, you will be able to change a limited number of specific features based on where the vehicle is in the production process. This is a great option to explore if you don't need to drive away today and will decrease your time in between order and delivery (versus fully configuring your vehicle from scratch). This still affords you the chance to custom tailor your vehicle to fit your needs, and hopefully exceed your expectations.



If this is the option you are looking for, we encourage you to work with a team member to clarify vehicle availability and pricing for you. Our team is dedicated to leading with integrity when it comes to our new car pricing, so you can be assured that we are not taking advantage of you by selling above MSRP or tacking on other mark-ups that the current market is inciting.

You're simply paying for the car, details and all, that you're purchasing.